My Curation Policy

Rope in Seattle is a curated resource for finding ethical rope events and community in Seattle. Events that belong here include classes, practice sessions, conventions, play parties, munches, and anything else that helps build rope community in Seattle.

I’m delighted to add new events that I hadn’t been aware of—please let me know if I’m missing something that would fit here.

My curation policy is simple: I include events that I consider ethical. In practice, that mostly means I don’t list classes that are taught by instructors who I consider to have a pattern of teaching or modeling egregiously bad consent practices. Seattle has plenty of good rope instructors—I’m not going to give a platform to the bad ones.

I believe everyone can change. If you aren’t listed here, please feel free to contact me with an explanation of what changes you’ve made and why you think you’re ready to be listed.

I never accept any kind of payment for listing events.

Questions for instructors

Consent and accountability are complicated topics. None of us are perfect, and everyone can change. It’s important, however, that instructors fully disclose their consent histories so that students and venues can make an informed decision about whether to work with them. I consider these questions to be the bare minimum for informed consent:

  1. Have you ever participated in an accountability process that resulted in a recommendation that you take a break from teaching?
  2. Have you ever been expelled from any kink organization because of misconduct?
  3. Has any venue revoked your teaching privileges because of misconduct?
  4. Have you ever filed or threatened to file a defamation lawsuit against anyone in connection with your kink activities, your teaching, or a personal relationship?
  5. Have you ever retaliated or threatened to retaliate against anyone for making a consent accusation or for participating in an accountability process?
  6. Is there any other information about your kink or personal history that students or venues should know before deciding whether they want to work with you?
  7. If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, do you clearly and completely disclose your history to potential students and venues?
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