Instructors and Venues

Here’s a quick guide to local rope instructors and venues that host rope-focused events. I expect this list will grow fairly quickly as things restart after a pandemic hiatus.


Good instructors are a valuable resource, but predatory ones can cause a lot of harm. I’m picky about who I recommend.

Shibari Shawn

Shawn’s new in town, but has quickly made a name for himself in the men’s community. He has an ambitious teaching schedule and has done great work creating a community. Disclaimer: I haven’t taken a class from him (yet), but I’ve heard great things from people who have.

Full Circle Kink

Disclaimer: I teach with Full Circle. With about a dozen instructors, we are Seattle’s largest kink teaching organization. We’re known for highly polished classes spanning a wide range of topics and for our world-class handouts.

Venues and Organizations

The Seattle rope scene is still waking up after a long pandemic hiatus. Here are some key players.

Gallery Erato

Run by the Pan Eros Foundation, Gallery Erato is a large space in Pioneer Square. They host a wide range of classes and events.


SubSpace is the most active rope space in Seattle right now. They host other kink events as well, but are home to large and active rope community.

Center for Sex Positive Culture

The CSPC has a venerable history in Seattle and hosts a range of parties and other events. They currently aren’t doing many rope events, but I look forward to them adding more events in future. They don’t currently have their own venue.

Seattle Rope Salon

A new venue in downtown Seattle, SRS hosts regular rope jams.

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