Online Resources

Here are a few of my favorite online resources, with a particular focus on connecting to local in-person events.

Online Groups

If you’re not on FetLife, you probably should be. It’s far from perfect, but it’s the single best place to connect with other bondage enthusiasts.

Seattle Rope Shenanigans on FetLife

This is the biggest and best of the Seattle FetLife groups, and the best way to stay in touch with what’s going on locally.

Check it out

Rope Bottoms Share Group

If you’re a rope bottom, RBSG is a fantastic resource for sharing tips and vetting potential rope tops.

Check it out

Seattle Workshops on FetLife

A good source of information about all types of kink classes.

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Pan Eros Events on FetLife

Pan Eros has an excellent educational program spanning a wide range of kink and sexuality topics.

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SubSpace on FetLife

SubSpace is the most active playspace in Seattle right now and hosts the most rope events and classes.

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Online Education

There’s no substitute for in-person education, but these online resources can be an excellent supplement to your learning.

Full Circle Kink

Disclaimer: I teach with Full Circle. As well as our in-person classes, Full Circle has a large and growing library of free, high-quality educational content and instructor resources.

Check it out

Shibari Study

Shibari Study is a fantastic resource, with a huge amount of professionally shot video content. It’s not cheap, but it’s an excellent value.

Check it out

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